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Portable Power Outlet Update: How to Choose the Right One

A portable power outlet (PPO) is a must-have for trips to help keep your devices charged up, no matter where you are. Whether you’re taking a

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Store Display Charging Stations & The Future of the Retail Industry

Store display charging stations are part of the future of retail businesses, which will blend the best of online shopping and brick and mortar. Such

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Portable Power Outlets Are the Next WiFi for the Hospitality Industry

Portable power outlets may just be the next big technology in the hospitality industry. Smartphone usage has already reshaped the industry, and while

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Why an Emergency Charger Should Be Part of Your Emergency Backup Kit

An emergency charger can literally be a lifesaver in the event of an accident. Driving is a mundane routine, but a small crash or a wrong turn can have

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Computer Charging Security: What Corporate Employers Need to Know

Computer charging security at the workplace is a bigger issue than one might think. Yes, we’ve all fallen victim to a low cell phone battery while at

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Cell Phone Charging Stations: Why Invest for Higher Ed Student Success

Cell phone charging stations offers convenience and reliability to busy college students across the nation. After having his smartphone die several

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Event Charging Stations: The Perfect Tool to Power through Event Season

Event charging stations are a must for the summer, with music festival and event season upon us. Whether attending Bonnaroo or Apple’s Worldwide

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Healthcare Charging Stations: Delivering Value & Convenience

Charging stations are becoming increasingly invaluable within the healthcare industry, offering stress-free charging of electronics and equipment for

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6 Nintendo Switch Games That Have Gamers Reaching for A Portal Charger

What do Nintendo Switch Games and portable chargers have in common? Many avid gamers can’t have one without the other. In other words, you’re going to

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