Portable Power Outlet Update: How to Choose the Right One

A portable power outlet (PPO) is a must-have for trips to help keep your devices charged up, no matter where you are. Whether you’re taking a cross-country roadtrip or making multiple connections on your way to Europe, odds are you’ll be relying on your mobile device to make the most of your travel plans.

A portable power outlet, also known as an external charger, recharges USB-powered devices like smartphones and tablets. While there are lots of portable power outlets out there, they all share some common attributes. Read on for a rundown of portable power outlet basics.


Portable Power Outlet 101


  1. Capacity

    Battery capacity is rated by milliampere hours (mAh), which is the amount of capacity needed to let one milliampere of electrical current flow for one hour.” The more mAh, the more “juice” it has to keep charging your mobile devices.

    If you know the mAh capacity of your mobile device and your portable power outlet, you can figure out how many times you can recharge your device. For example, you can fully recharge the iPhone X’s 2,716 mAh battery over 14 times with ChargeTech’s recently upgraded portable power outlet, the 40,000 mAh AC Battery Pack.

    Portable Power Outlet - Product Update - Image 1

    ChargeTech’s newly upgraded portable power outlet is compact and packs in a lot of power.


    If you’re a power user or a frequent traveler, choose a higher capacity device; light users can get away with lower capacities.

  1. Input/Output

    While the capacity on your portable power outlet tells you how many times you can juice up your devices, the input and output ratings tell you how quickly things will charge. Input and output can be measured through a variety of ratings, including watts, amperes, and volts.

    What does this mean for you? Understanding the maximum capacity of your portable power outlet will tell you whether it’s safe to charge it and safe to charge your devices with it. In some cases, charging a device with the wrong rating will slow you down. The iPad for example, charges at 2A or 2.4A, depending on the model. That means that using a charger rated for 1A will effectively double the amount of time it takes to charge.

    Other times, charging a device at the wrong voltage or Ampere can seriously damage your portable power outlet or mobile device. That’s why you should always make sure the portable power outlet is rated for the input voltage where you’ll be charging it. There are different voltage ratings throughout the world; in the U.S. you’ll find 120v when you plug into a wall socket, and in Europe you’ll find 230v. Most modern devices are rated to accept 120-230V, but it’s always best to check the label to make sure.

  1. Ports

    Portable power outlets come equipped with a variety of input and output ports, but USB-style inputs and outputs are the most common. For inputs (how you charge your portable power outlet), you’ll want to use an AC adapter to plug it into the wall to get the fastest charge possible.

    Output ports are where many portable power outlets distinguish themselves. USB outputs in 1A and 2A/2.4A varieties are common. USB-C outputs are also becoming more common (the plugs found on new Apple laptops and Android phones), because of their high capacity and quick-charging capabilities. A few even include A/C inputs, so you can plug in any device as you would in a wall socket.

Portable Power Outlet - Product Update - Image 2

The upgraded ChargeTech 40,000mAh A/C Battery Pack has both USB-C and A/C inputs for maximum versatility.


We advise choosing a portable power outlet that has enough of the right type of ports to ensure that you can charge everything you travel with.

One last thing to consider is the size of the charger, which can help you determine exactly how portable the device is and whether it will fit your particular needs.


Buy a Portable Power Pack That Does It All

If you’re going to invest in a quality portable power outlet, you might as well get one that does it all. ChargeTech’s newly upgraded portable power outlet, the 40,000mAh A/C Battery Pack, fits the bill. Not only does it have enough capacity to charge all of your mobile devices multiple times, but it features high-output A/C outputs so you can power your laptop, TV, stereo—anything with a plug you’d normally insert into a wall socket. Plus, it features a USB-C output of up to 3A for quickly charging compatible devices.

Portable Power Outlet - Product Update - Image 3

Product specifications for ChargeTech’s new 40K Battery Pack


This recent upgrade from the 27,000mAh A/C Battery Pack has an input of 24V and 2A, AC output power of 120W, and a 40K battery capacity. The pack is 18 times lighter and 10 times thinner than other portable power outlet options available in the market.

This ChargeTech portable power outlet has the capacity and ports to get you through the toughest work day or globetrotting adventure. Check it out, along with all of the other portable power outlets, on our website.


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